Is it finally time for Ferrari to take back the title?

By: Ellie Jane

It’s been a turbulent few years for Ferrari, as the 2010s saw for the first time ever Ferrari fail to win a title. But over the winter break it’s been brewing they could be back at the front getting stuck into a title battle, so is it finally Ferrari’s year again?

With new regulations coming into F1 this year, it opens the grid up and opens new opportunities for teams, as we’ve seen rule changes create slight mix-ups, too. The aim from F1 is that this rule change will do exactly that, and it seems Ferrari is hoping to be part of the mix-up.

Ferrari bought a sleek-looking car for testing but the look of the car doesn’t really matter. However, their times managed to showcase just what had been suggested over the winter break. Ferrari in the first test at Barcelona racked up the highest mileage of all the teams with 439 laps and evidently no struggles with reliability.

As most fans know testing is not the best gauge for where teams stand in the rankings, but it gives some representation of what is in store for the season. Ferrari looked good and fast during testing with them seemingly may having got a good grasp on the regulation changes.

But it isn’t just a good car Ferrari is in need of, they need a good pairing, which they always seem to have. Yet, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. seem to be the right pairing to compete for the title. They showcased their strength in the 2021 championship, as they battled off McLaren for 3rd place in the standings.

Leclerc will be hoping to go a step further than in 2019, as he took two wins, but he’ll be aiming with the right car to be able to progress to the top step more often. The Monégasque has shown his talent throughout his career in F1. He was quickly promoted into Ferrari after only a year in F1 and he has consistently impressed everyone through his years in F1.

He has been able to showcase the talent fans have always predicted he had and has even took a brilliant battle to World Champion Max Verstappen. It feels like if he has the chance he will be able to head towards the championship title. But it could be his own teammate who becomes his biggest threat.

Since joining Ferrari Sainz has shown himself to be a true competitor and he has shown that he is pretty handy behind the wheel. It seems since going to Ferrari, has elevated his career. Last season he finished an impressive fifth place in the driver’s championship and also took three podiums along the way. It felt like 2021 was Sainz’s year to showcase the talent he has.

Sainz is yet to win with Ferrari or ever in F1, but with the right car behind him, it seems he definitely could. If 2021 is anything to go off, then 2022 could be a brilliant year for Sainz.

But this good and pretty equal paring in Leclerc and Sainz could be troublesome for Ferrari. Having two good drivers in the same team going for the title can be hectic and it can lead to bad blood. We have all seen it over and over again.

Ferrari has to get the team dynamic well balanced and there would be a big chance they can head toward the title. This is all currently theoretical until we reach qualifying in Bahrain the pecking order could be very different. But right now Ferrari looks strong.

It will be interesting to see how Ferrari handles this, the past few years they have made mistakes but they have changed and they have continued to get stronger. It feels like they might just have got it right this time, and 2022 could be Ferrari’s year to take back the title.

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