Latest news on the budget cap in F1

By: Leona Stewart

The F1 budget cap this year seems to be sparking up a lot of conversation amongst the teams. While the top teams are hoping for an increase, the midfield doesn’t think the change would be fair.

Constructors championship leader Red Bull are the driving force for the raise, alongside Ferrari, Mclaren and Mercedes, with team boss Christian Horner claiming that many teams would have to miss four races to come within this year’s budget. 

Their current budget limit for 2022 is $140m (£111m).

The desire to increase the budget as the cost of living crisis grows. Energy and fuel costs are rising fast, alongside ever-growing logistical costs which come as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine causing longer routes to tracks, the costs continue to mount up for teams. 

Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto has said that there is ‘no way’ for teams to stay below this, while Horner reminds us that Formula 1 is not exempt from inflation. The top four are hopeful for change. 

The rest of the grid is not so fussed. 

Haas, Alpine, Alfa Romeo, and Williams have all voted against the proposal last month, bidding it to be unfair. The worry is that the top teams want this increase not to match inflation, but to allow them to develop even further to compete harder, only creating a larger gap between them and the midfield. 

Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer said: “Inflation didn’t just creep up on us. If we can do it, for sure others can do it too. I’m not for just increasing the cap”. 

Aston Martin has been rather quiet on the issue themselves, only saying that they believe the cap should rise with inflation, but nothing more. 

While it is uncertain what the FIA and Formula 1 will do, the debate is ongoing. The breach of the cap is a serious offense in F1 and can lead to disqualification, however, if all teams had to breach it, that is unlikely to happen. 

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