Is it the end for Seb?

Will Vettel retire soon?

By: Leona Stewart

Four-time world champion Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has faced calls for retirement since the beginning of the season despite driving well. Is the exit door looming on the German? 

Vettel left Ferrari after nothing more than a disappointing stint at the team to join AMR in 2021, and he has been performing consistently ever since. He has even given the team their first podium at last year’s race in Baku. 

Alongside Alonso and Hamilton, Vettel has received a heavy amount of criticism and has been encouraged to retire. Although for a team that finished seventh in the constructors, Vettel is consistently performing well and pulling the car into the points – currently sitting 15th in the championship, 2 places ahead of teammate Stroll, despite having competed in fewer races. 

So why the calls for his retirement?

Well, Vettel himself has not explicitly said that 2022 is his final year, in fact, he has suggested otherwise a few times, claiming he has never felt closer to the sport and that he is prepared to fight and push the Aston. 

However, with his outward commitment to the planet, Sebastian has made it clear that the environmental impact of flying around the world and racing in F1 is contributing to his possible retirement. 

It is still fully uncertain where Vettel would race if he stayed, with possibilities at Haas, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, and Alpha Tauri all being on the table, but we can’t rule out an extension with Aston Martin.

There are not many rookies jumping to get to Aston in comparison to the likes of Alpine or Alpha Tauri, therefore leaving his seat in what seems to be a free position. Team boss Mike Krack is eager to keep Vettel too, acknowledging that he brings experience and expertise to the team, and claiming that the former world champion still has a lot of drive. 

While his contract with Aston Martin is up this year, and no team has yet to say they will take him, Sebastian Vettel is focusing on ‘the now.

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