Top 3 moments of the F1 season at this point

By: Leona Stewart

  1. The return of K-Mag

After a controversial return to F1 and Haas following the removal of Russian driver Nikita Mazepin, Kevin Magnussen got a warm welcome in the Haas garage. 

After a year of poor finishes for the team and landing at the bottom of the pack, K-Mag provided an exciting amount of hope for the struggling American team.

With the quick Ferrari engine in the back, Magnussen has helped to put Haas back into the fight for the best of the rest.

Dragging the Haas into Q3 for the first time since 2019 in Bahrain, Magnussen was creating excitement from the start, providing delight to all with the formerly competitive Haas back. 

A P5 finish on his first race and a further two points finishes so far, Kevin Magnussen’s return has certainly been one of the most welcome surprises so far. 

  1. Vettel/Hamilton FIA protests

During the hotly anticipated Miami Grand Prix, the two most outspoken drivers on the grid, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, were at it again.

We saw four time champ, Vettel, parade the paddock with grey boxers over his race suit, along with a beaming smile. His protest was for the FIA ruling of scrutinising the drivers underwear, which he branded “unnecessary”, which he also believes was aimed at Lewis Hamilton. 

Hamiltons protest, which was with regards to the jewellery ban, was also suggested to be personal.

The seven time world champ could be seen wearing excessive jewellery and watches in the paddock, claiming that certain piercings could not be removed. 

The FIA has not spoken much about the issue, but fans found it funny. 

Of course, it is not the first time that the pair have clashed over appearances with the FIA and certainly won’t be the last.   

Hamilton wore a Breonna Taylor shirt in an anti-racism display before and after a September 2020 victory at Mugello. While Vettel was reprimanded for wearing a ‘Same Love’ shirt during the Hungarian anthem in 2021. 

  1. Perez Monaco win

Perez’ win in Monaco was undoubtedly an emotional and unforgettable moment for fans. 

His first race win of the season, and the confirmation of a future in Red Bull, made Checo  the most successful Mexican driver in history, and it appears to be the start of an exciting season.

Now sitting second in the drivers championship, only one race win away from the lead, ahead of his team mate Max Verstappen, Perez’ win in Monte Carlo has put him right in the middle of a three-way title fight, between his teammate and  Charles Leclerc.

While Verstappen is the golden boy of Red Bull, and the reigning world champion, Christian Horner has confirmed that as long as the pair are fair and leave space, they will be allowed to fight for the championship. Which with the Ferrari duo in the mix, and George Russell hot on their heels, it certainly will be exciting.

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