3 losers from the Canadian GP

Who is the biggest loser from the Canadian GP?

By: Jake Rajala

The Canadian GP may have witnessed success from the F1 leader Max Verstappen, the F1 golden boy Lewis Hamilton, and a slew of other drivers. Although, it wasn’t a fantastic experience for all F1 drivers. With that enunciated, I’m going to untwine three losers from the Canadian GP.

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc may have fought with a lot of spirit in the Canadian GP, but he didn’t enjoy a fine place in the end (fifth). After retiring in Baku, he had another disappointing outcome in Canada. Per Formula 1, the third-place racer in the current standings stated, “The last part was nice but obviously the very first part I was stuck in a DRS train and I couldn’t do anything”. Despite back-to-back mediocre races, Leclerc is keeping his sights set on beating Max Verstappen to the finish line.

Sergio Perez

The Monaco sensation, Sergio Perez, had an unfortunate race (as he retired) at a crucial point in the season. Perez told Sky Sports 1, “It felt like I lost drive and it got stuck in gear. I don’t know what really happened. A very disappointing day to go away with zero points away from a weekend that hasn’t been perfect but I still believe we were on track for a result”. Perez surely lost ground on Verstappen – who discovered first place.

Lando Norris

The Mclaren speed-demon Lando Norris finished 15th, as he suffered his worst race since the Miami Grand Prix. Per Planet F1, Norris expressed, “We were unlucky today in many places, and also just didn’t have the pace to race and overtake the people we wanted to race against”. Norris currently sits at 7th place (50 points) – and Valterri Bottas is right on his tail at 8th place (46 pts).

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