5 interesting facts about Giovanna Amati: the last woman to enter an F1 World Championship race

Latest facts about Giovanna Amati

By: Jake Rajala

Formula 1 has had many legendary and unique drivers over its existence. Yet, the racing sport literally hasn’t had a female driver since 1992 – which featured Giovanna Amati. With that said, I’m going to move the spotlight onto the fascinating F1 persona and untwine five facts about Amati.

  • She was kidnapped

Amati wasn’t only an inspiring F1 driver, but she was also a survivor of a horrific act. In 1978 (18 years of age), she was kidnapped by three gangsters. They raped her, emotionally abused her, and physically hurt her. They also held her hostage for 75 days – before her parents sold items to grant her release.

  • She is from Italy

There have been 98 F1 drivers from Italy thus far. “Nino” Farina was of course from Italy (first Italian World Champion). There have been two World Champions from Italy.

  • Her parents are quite unique

Her mom is an actress and her dad is a Cinema chain owner. She clearly was a dreamer with help from her parents from a young age.

  • She signed with the Brabham team

She signed with the Brabham team in 1992 and was tasked with being the partner of Eric Van De. It was clear that the Brabham team began to receive a lot of publicity after the move. Unfortunately, her lack of experience with F1 vehicles was on display – as she failed to qualify for three races in a row.

  • She began writing columns and provided television commentary

After retirement, she used her hard work and platform to write columns in Italy. It’s clear that her mom’s love for entertainment is reflected in herself after racing.

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