Stroll is optimistic about his result in the Canadian GP

Stroll is optimistic about his outcome in the Canadian GP

By: Jake Rajala

Lance Stroll hasn’t enjoyed a type of season that keeps Max Verstappen up at night, nor urges a director to make a movie in his honor. Nonetheless, the Aston Martin driver is feeling optimistic about the future of the long F1 season ahead. He finished 10th last Sunday – which put him on the scoreboard. Meanwhile, his teammate Sebastian Vettel finished 12th (after placing sixth at the Baku GP). Vettel is 14th in the overall standings (as he is two points behind Daniel Riccardo).

Stroll expressed positive remarks about his outcome. Per F1, he stated, “We had a great strategy for this race, and I am super pleased to have been able to score a point”. He elaborated, “Things are certainly a lot more challenging this year, but I am pleased to have had a successful race today .. it’s been incredible to race at home after such a long time away.” He has three points on the season – as he aims to improve at the British GP. He placed eighth at the British GP last season, so he will hope to have magic left on the Silverstone Circuit.

Stroll may not have an admirable 2022 season at this point, but he is still 23 years old (the same age as Zhou Guanyu). Stroll – who was once the youngest driver to line up at the front row in Monza – has some newfound confidence and he will look to continue to help a blood-thirsty Vettel and Aston Martin this season.

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