10 interesting facts about Michael Schumacher

Cool facts about Michael Schumacher

By: Jake Rajala

Michael Schumacher is one of many Formula 1 drivers that has tasted top-tier success, while battling through adversity in life. His last name still rings countless bells — as his son, Mick Schumacher, chases glory with Ferrari. With that enunciated, I’m going to simply reminisce and untwine 10 interesting facts on the older, legendary, and inspiring Schumacher.

  • He has won seven Championships

Schumacher has an astronimcal seven championship victories — which is tied with Lewis Hamilton for the most championship wins. After racing with Jordan in 1991, he raced with Benneton and really elevated his performance. He won a title in 1994 and 1995 with Benetton. He then won a title in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 with Ferrari. After his long streak of dominance with Ferrari, he raced with Mercedes from 2010 until 2012.

  • There is a Netflix show titled “Schumacher” in his honor

There are a few special F1 films that every avid F1 fan should watch. There is obviously the movie “Rush” with Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, and Daniel Bruhl. Although, there is a hidden gem — by the name of “Schumacher”. The movie is about the life and racing success of Schumacher. It’s available to watch on Netflix. An impressive 89% of Google users like the F1 film.

Drive to Survive is also on Netflix.

  • He has donated A LOT of money to charity

Schumacher isn’t only a racing legend, but he has also been a very-high character off the track. He donated nearly $10 million to the Clinton foundation. Sebastian Vettel is another F1 driver that has impressed the F1 world his heart via his push for a better environment.

  • His son just won his first ever points

As previously mentioned, Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, is an ambitious, young Formula 1 driver. Furthermore, Mick just scored his first points in Formula 1 on last Sunday’s British GP. Mick has caught a lot of criticism for not being a threat and failing to be near the caliber of driver that his father was. Hopefully, the 23-year-old driver continues to score more points in 2022 and climb the ladder in 2023.

  • Brain Injury

Schumacher suffered a life-changing accident in 2013 at a ski resort. He played with fire in F1, but he tragically suffered an unfathomable injury skiing. He was airlifted to a hospital and then placed in a medical-induced coma for six months to help lower the swelling in his brain. He is currently paralyzed and in a wheel-chair. His wife has expressed a ton of love and strength for him. Per Yahoo Sports, she stated, “We’re together. We live together at home. We do therapy. We do everything we can to make Michael better and to make sure he’s comfortable. And to simply make him feel our family, our bond.

  • Helmet

Schumacher had a passion for everything involved with the F1 sport — which was revealed via his push to make a helmet. Him and Schuberth helped create the first lightweight carbon helmet.

  • Cars

The mythical driver for Ferrari had such a soft spot for racing that he played a role in the Disney movie, “Cars”. He plays the voice for Ferrari F430. He makes his appearance at the end of the inspiring film. Luigi and Guido are both clearly in heaven after the moment. Cars also featured the legend Lewis Hamilton in the second film.

  • Forbes

His success on the track would unequivocally lead to him bringing in the big bucks. Forbes listed him as the “highest paid athlete” in 1999 and 2000. His wealth only began to blossom in the early 2000s — as Eurobusiness labeled him as the first billionaire athlete in 2005. Yahoo Finance lists him as the wealthiest F1 driver in F1 history (as Lewis Hamilton is second and Fernando Alonso is third).

  • Karting prodige

Similar to countless F1 icons, Schumacher was quite the karting prodige at a young age. In fact, he was the youngest Kart driver at the track at Kerpem-Horrem. His father also took on a second job to help him chase his passion for karting. After his father struggled to continue to pay for his son’s elevated success, the young Schumacher sought out financial help from local businesses. He had quite the underdog story, to say the least.

  • He is a German icon

He was of course born in Hurth, North Shine-Westphalia, Western Germany. Although, he also really brought Germany to the front stage in the racing world. It should be noted that there were a few other German drivers excluding Schumacher in the F1 world at the same time. After Schumacher retired, they nicely carried the German torch. Other famous F1 drivers from Germany are Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hulkenberg, and Adrian Sutil.

Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves were in attendance at the British GP

Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves have a strong passion for F1

By: Jake Rajala

The Top Gun legend, Tom Cruise (who just turned 60 years old on July 3rd), brought a lot of energy to the British GP this past weekend. He picked the legendary British GP (which has a rich history) to celebrate his 60th birthday. In particular, Cruise wanted to have a lively weekend with none other than Lewis Hamilton (as they could be seen hugging after Hamilton’s impressive third-place finish).

Cruise has been an intense fan of F1 for quite some time. Red Bull even offered him a ride and he happily accepted. David Coulthard gave him a few pointers, as well. In Dinoco-like fashion, he also took a ride in their helicopter. It should be noted that the fictional pilot and super-hero wasn’t the only A-list actor at the British GP.

Keanu Reeves, also known as John Wick or the hero in the Matrix, was also a spectator at the racing event. Although, Reeves had a bit of business on his mind at the race. The actor that recently made the Top 100 list of Time is currently working on documentaries about the 2009 F1 season. With that said, it was obvious that he enjoyed the experience and mystical weather conditions. Per Sky Sports, he stated, “It was absolutely amazing to be that close. Silverstone and rain, Perfect. I think being that close to it, just seeing the speed and the way that they’re going at the turns and exiting the turns is something unbelievable”.

There have been countless celebrities at Formula 1 events. People like George Lucas (the mind behind Star Wars) and Leonard DiCaprio (actor in Titanic and the Aviator) have expressed their love for F1. It’s safe to say that Cruise and Reeves can be added to the list of Hollywood personas that have hung out with F1 teams. It will be exciting to see which celebrities have a blast at an F1 event next.

5 interesting facts about Colin Chapman

Cool facts about Colin Chapman

By: Jake Rajala

Colin Chapman is one of the most creative and daring minds in F1 history. He was brought into this world on May 19th of 1928 — which is the same year that Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie.

He is most famous for the company he founded: Lotus Cars. Of course, his baby would proceed to win an astronautical seven Constructor titles, six drivers champions, and the Indianapolis 500. With that said, I’m going to simply outline the countless successes and unique moments that have occurred in the life of Charlie Chaplin Colin Chapman.

  • Chapman struts

The brainiac wasn’t only a business savant, but he was quite the hands-on engineer. He orchestrated the use of struts as a rear suspension device. He first inserted his custom “Chapman struts” on the Lotus 12.

  • Chapman studied Aeronautical engineering

Similar to Adrian Newey, Chapman soaked in as much material about aeronautical engineering at college as possible. He studied at University College London. There are many utterly famous alumni of the university: such as Alexander Graham Bell, Christopher Nolan, Chris Martin, and Ricky Gervais. He also joined the air squadron at the university. Although, he left without a degree in 1948.

  • Dorlean Scandal

John DeLorean, an American business magnate, worked with Chapman on the development of a stainless steel sports car from 1978 until Chapman’s death in 1982. Well, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for their work together. In October of 1982, DeLorean was charged with trafficking cocaine. It was discovered that the Lotus group accountant, Fred Bushnell, gave himself $5 million in the fraud. It was a very messy situation and a minor stain on Chapman’s legacy.

  • His son currently runs Classic Team Lotus

He has two daughters and a son named Clive. His son currently strives to honor the work of his father. Below is a fascinating video about Clive and his relationship with his father.

  • He suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 54

“The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long” – Blade Runner

Chapman was having an intense, exciting day on December 16th — as he watched a musical performance by his friend Chris Barber and then later tested the first active car with an active suspension. Unexpectedly, the life of Chapman was cut short at the age of 54 — as he suffered a fatal heart attack.

F1 Icons pay homage to Sir Frank Williams on Monday

Remembering Sir Frank Williams

By: Jake Rajala

There were countless Formula 1 icons like Valtteri Bottas, Damon Hill, and Nigel Mansell paying their respects to Sir Frank Williams in London on Monday. Per Motorsport.com, there were over 600 people in attendance. Sir Patrick head, who was a former Williams member, expressed his deep gratitude and emotional bond with Williams. He notably expressed how Williams’s energy was contagious to the whole team.

The mystical Formula 1 persona of Sir Frank Williams passed away on November 28th of 2021. Williams was quite the versatile persona — as he was a driver, businessman, and most importantly: the founder of the Williams Formula One team.

Williams was quite the old-school, eccentric, to say the least. He didn’t use blackjack winnings towards his vision like Frederick Smith did with FedEx, but he did create “Frank Williams Racing Cars” using money from his work as a traveling agent.

He was also the team principal from 1977 up until 2020 and his team had quite the list of accomplishments. The Williams team won a whopping nine championships and seven drivers championships. The current drivers for Williams are none other than Nicholas Latifi and Alexander Albon.

His success hasn’t only been limited to the track, as his persona has been strongly recognized well. He was an inspiration as a tetraplegic — which stemmed from a car accident in the south of France. He was severely injured, but his optimistic outlook didn’t come close to fading. He was also the oldest tetraplegic at the time of his death.

Other famous tetraplegics include Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve, and Daryl Mitchell.

He won Helen Rollason Award for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity in 2010. He was nicely added to the Motor Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. Given his heights and a long streak of dominance, it was only fitting if there would also be a road named after him. Well, a road in Didcot, Oxfordshire, was named Sir Frank Williams.

Modern-day racing studs like Lewis Hamilton and George Russell nicely expressed their respect for Williams. Hamilton stated on Twitter after the passing of Williams, “One of the kindest people had the pleasure of meeting”. Russell took it to another level with his homage to Williams – as he put the phrase “I feel the need, the need for speed!” on his halo in the race following his death.

10 interesting facts about Adrian Newey: the Chief Technology Officer of the Red Bull team

Cool facts about Adrian Newey

By: Jake Rajala

There may be a mystical bond between man and machine — as the smooth-talking Bernie Mac once stated. Although, there is one mysterious, utterly important factor in the success of a car’s ability: the engineer.

In Formula 1, there are certainly many potent F1 engineers. The greatest F1 engineer is arguably Adrian Newey, who is none other than the Chief Technology Officer of the Red Bull team. It’s clear that Newey has been an excellent mind — as the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was the 2021 World Champion and currently sits in first place in the 2022 standings.

With that stated, I’m going to simply untwine ten fascinating facts about the Red Bull wiz at this point.

  • He was a rebel in High School

Newey went to Repton Public School with Jeremy Clarkson, but he didn’t last long at the HS. He was one of those stereotypical brainiacs that tested the boundaries to a point that he got in trouble with the school. At the age of 16, he turned the noise up so loud at a school event that he broke the glass. Due to his failed idea, he was asked to leave his high school. Although, he didn’t hold himself back after his dismissal, to say the least. He went to get his national diploma in engineering — which would then earn him a nice seat and career path at university.

  • He studied aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Southhampton

Newey, also known as Tony Stark, was a smart cookie in college. He studied aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Southampton. The University of Southampton is recognized as a Top 100 university in the world. Jon Sopel (former BBC correspondent), Chris Packham (known for the Really Wild Show), and John Iverdale (English broadcaster) also graduated from the university. Newey also isn’t the only global icon to study aeronautical engineering. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, studied aeronautical engineering at Purdue University.

  • His first project was the March 82G GTP

The first experiment for the new college graduate from Southampton was to design the March 82G GTP. He had guidance under Robin Herd. Interestingly, he created a gaping hole in-between the front fenders that fed air to the underbody. This unique, successful design earned the car the nickname “Lobster Claw” and it certainly breathed fire — as it helped the team two IMSA GTP titles.

  • His first F1 design was the 1988 March 881

Similar to his first-ever design experiment, Newey found success with his first dabble in Formula 1 design. The Italian driver Ivan Capelli took second place at the 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix – which surprised the F1 world. He also held a lead against racing legend Alain Prost at the Japanese Grand Prix. Capelli ultimately finished the season in seventh place.

  • Acquittal of Manslaughter

The genius engineer certainly had his challenges in life — as he was once charged with manslaughter. The F1 driver Ayrton Senna tragically died at the San Marino GP in 1994. He and a few others were first initially acquitted in December of 1997. Fast forward to 1999, the acquittal was upheld. Then he was finally given a full acquittal in 2005 — as material errors were cited as the key reason behind the fatal incident.

  • He is also a die-hard racer

He doesn’t only help drivers win races, but he is a competitive driver himself. He raced in the 2006 Le Mans and he even was involved in an accident with his Ford GT40 — thankfully, he only had a cut on his finger. He would then race in the Le Mans in 2007, as well. Michael Fassbender may or may not have found inspiration (and danger) from the gifted mind branching out to race in the Le Mans.

  • He is flat out a winner

The biggest reason why Newey is regarded as a genius: success. The Red Bull designer/engineer tasted Championship victories with Williams in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, and 1997 with Williams. In 1998, he won with McLaren and he also won in 1999. As of late, he found success w/ Sebastian Vettel in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2021. As previously stated, he’s on a path to winning the F1 Championship in 2022, as well. Newey is 63 years old, but his driver is 24 and filled with dreams of being the best F1 driver of all time. It’s safe to say that Newey could earn many more championships if he sticks around the world sport.

  • His son is a racing driver

It’s clear that racing is in his blood – as his son, Harrison, is an ambitious and ascending driver. The 24-year-old finished as a runner-up in the BRDC Formula 4 Championship. He proceeded to race in the European Formula 3 Championship in 2016. Perhaps Harrison can join his dad at the highest ranks in the future.

  • He is the author of “How to build a car”

It’s clear that the Red Bull guru wants his magic in creating cars to rub off on F1 fans and aspiring engineers, as he wrote a book about the creative process of building a car titled “How to build a car”. He talks about his early journey, lessons, and engineering career in the 458-page book that was released in 2017. It should also be noted that the book had remarkable reviews — as F1 Chronicle gave it a 9/10 and 94% of Google users liked the read. I might add that the reviews on this auto-biography stack up well in comparison to the book “Return of the King: Lebron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the greatest comeback in NBA History” — which was liked by 90% of Google users.

  • Newey was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire

The strong efforts from the well-decorated Red Bull engineer were rightfully given Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2012 New Year Honours. JK Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books) and David Beckham (mythical soccer player) have also received the prestigious award.

Reliving the first Austrian Grand Prix

What happened at the first Austrian Grand Prix?

By: Jake Rajala

The extremely intense British GP is in the books and the next Grand Prix in line for the F1 world is the marvelous Austrian GP. With that said, I believe it’s the perfect time to reflect on the first-ever Austrian GP.

The first Austrian Grand Prix was held in 1963 — as it was held at the Zeltweg Airport. It was an interim track until a proper track was constructed. The brutal track caused countless drivers to suffer mechanical issues and retire from the event. It was a serious challenge for everyone in the contest except one driver: Jack Brabham.

The winner of the unique Grand Prix was none other than Jack Brabham. Interestingly, he was the only driver to win a car that was created by himself. The Tony Stark-like driver went on to win the race by five laps. Brabham also had the fastest lap at the GP. Tony Settember took third place and Carel Godwin de Beaufort garnered third place at the GP.

Brabham might have taken gold at the race, but Jim Clark would proceed to win the F1 Championship in 1963. Although, Brabham still has quite the collection of Piston Cups. Brabham won the F1 Championship in 1959, 1960, and 1966. The utterly successful F1 driver and winner of Le Mans passed away on May 29th, 2014.

The FIA soon removed the Austrian GP at the airport due to the track having Rocky Mountain-like conditions. It would be an understatement to say the F1 world was delighted that the Austrian GP in 1970 was the last race at the airport. From 1970 up until 1997, the Austrian GP took place at the re-tooled Osterreichring track. The Austrian GP returned to its prior, updated track from 1997 until 2003. Of course, the track returned to the calendar in 2014.

Jo Siffert, Alain Prost, and Max Verstappen have the most victories (3) at the Austrian GP. Lewis Hamilton has yet to win his first Austrian GP.

Zhou expresses gratitude for the Halo device

The Halo device was a major gift for Zhou

By: Jake Rajala

It would be an understatement to say that Zhou Guanyu has been on a roller coaster over his past two races. Zhou had his best career race at the Canadian GP — as he finished eighth. Unfortunately, Zhou was struck in a tragic crash at the British GP.

In the very first lap, Zhou was involved in a crazy crash with George Russell and Pierre Gasly. Gasly attempted to fit in between Russell and Zhou — which made him collide with Russell — who then made Zhou very dangerously flip over the barriers.

Thankfully, Zhou was able to cheat death and was examined as adequate at the hospital. He really expressed his gratitude to everyone in the situation. Via an Alfa Romeo press conference, he stated, “The marshals and the medical team at the track were fantastic with their quick response, and I also owe my thanks to the FIA and Formula 1 for all the work they have done, and they keep doing, to improve the safety of our cars: the Halo saved me today, and it goes to show that every step we take in improving our cars has real, valuable results”. Zhou and his teammate Valtteri Bottas (DNF on Sunday) will look to bounce back at the Austrian GP.

Here is a nice, in-depth video that covers the purpose of the Halo.

It should be noted that the Halo (which is also the name of an addictive video game with an amazing theme song), also saved an F2 driver’s life on Sunday. Roy Nissany ended underneath a fellow driver’s vehicle on the second lap.

The halo became mandatory in 2018 for all drivers. F1 heroes like Lewis Hamilton and Alain Prost once expressed their distaste for the Halo in the past. Eventually, Hamilton’s view on the Halo really, really changed. The Halo sincerely saved Hamilton’s neck in the scary accident he was involved in at the 2021 Italian GP. It’s clear that Hamilton and the rest of the F1 world have really caught up to its value in recent memory.

3 winners and 3 losers from the British GP

Who are the biggest losers from the British GP?

By: Jake Rajala

The 2022 British Grand Prix delivered excitement, scare, and surprises. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine three winners and three losers from the British GP on Sunday morning.

Winner: Lewis Hamilton

The F1 poster boy and British GP legend, Lewis Hamilton, had a poetic finish in his beloved British race. Charles Leclerc was slightly ahead of Hamilton on lap 48, but Hamilton nicely passed Leclerc on the same lap and kept his third-place spot the rest of the race. Hamilton also had the fastest lap (1:30.510) at the British GP. He is certainly making progress on his Mercedes teammate in the F1 standings.

Winner: Mick Schumacher

I recently expressed how the 23-year-old Mick Schumacher needed to show more potential moving forward. Well, it’s clear that Schumacher had a promising day (8th place) at the British GP — as he scored his first-ever F1 points at British GP. Per ESPN, Schumacher stated, “Finally, I told you guys it was this weekend! Oh my god, you guys are brilliant”. Schumacher’s teammate in Sebastian Vettel also had points (as he finished one spot after him).

Winner: Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz Jr. had the best position to start the race and he continued to dazzle at the GP — as he placed first at the GP. It was safe to say that the Ferrari driver made Luigi proud throughout the entire weekend. It wasn’t only his first win in the season, but it was his first career victory. He also placed second at the Canadian GP and second at the Monaco GP. Sainz Jr. is certainly making Leclerc nervous at this point in the season.

Loser: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen, who took first place at the Baku GP and the Canadian GP, appeared to be unstoppable entering this weekend. Well, it’s safe to say that he had an extremely disappointing finish at the British GP — as he finished seventh at the British GP. It was reported by Motor Sport that an endplate from an Alpha Tauri front wing significantly derailed the team’s chances on lap 11. The less inspiring cherry on top for Verstappen is that Sergio Perez finished second.

Loser: George Russell

George Russell was involved in the nightmare-like crash that witnessed Zhou Guanyu flip over a barrier. Luckily, Zhou is A-okay and he expressed that the Halo saved him. Prior to the British GP, Russell ousted a Top-5 finish in each GP since the Abu Dhabi GP. Russell is still at the Top-5 of the F1 standings, but he needs to bounce back to a podium soon.

Loser: Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas certainly took a step back at the British GP (DNF). Bottas was glorified for leading Hamilton in a Silverstone practice, but he didn’t taste success near Hamilton at the race. It was his worst outcome since the Saudi Arabian GP. Bottas and his teammate that dodged a bullet (Zhou) will aspire to have a stronger performance at the Austrian GP.

5 interesting facts about Lance Stroll

Cool facts about Lance Stroll

By: Jake Rajala

Lance Stroll is certainly feeling confident after getting points in his home territory at the Canadian GP. He may not be a championship contender in the near future, but the 23-year-old should still have a bright career in Formula 1. With that said, I believe it’s an intriguing time to untwine many interesting facts about the young F1 driver from Montreal.

  • The second-youngest driver to finish a race on the podium

Stroll had his first entry at the 2017 Australia Grand Prix. It didn’t take long for him to have success – as he became the second-youngest F1 driver to finish on the podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

  • Son of a billionaire (Lawrence Sheldon Strulovitch)

Stroll has quite the unique father in Lawrence Strulovitch, who has invested in Tommy Hilfigers, owns a Ferrari dealership, and is actually the part-owner of Aston Martin. He has a net worth of $2.9 billion dollars.

  • Errors as a Junior driver

He may be a big F1 driver, but he did have growing pains. He was an F4 Champion in 2014. However, he caused a few races in F3 – as became a bit too aggressive to win.

  • History at Daytona

He had quite the performance at the 2016 Rolex 24 at Daytona – as he finished fifth. It was pretty impressive because he became the youngest highest-placed overall finisher at the event.

  • Stroll is a Karting prodige

Similar to countless F1 heroes, Stroll was certainly a karting prodigy. He showed his karting prowess after winning the Federation de Sport Automobile du Quebec rookie of the year award in 2009.

5 interesting facts about Sebastian Vettel

Latest facts about Sebastian Vettel

By: Jake Rajala

The 34-year-old driver for Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel, has a remarkable combination of passion and driving ability. It’s obvious that his team recognizes his driving ability, as they still want a new long-term deal for him. It’s unclear if he will leave after the 2022 season to focus on his interest in the environment and his family. Nonetheless, it’s clear that he’s already left a fascinating resume up to this point. With that said, I believe it’s a nice time to reflect and potentially learn about Vettel. Hence, I’m going to untwine five interesting facts about him.

  • BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of The Year

Vettel is simply one of the best role models in all sports. His brave and compassionate nature has been shown in his fight for the environment and equality rights. He was named the BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of The Year in 2013 – a year before Cristiano Ronaldo and three years prior to Simone Biles winning the award.

  • Youngest driver to win a Championship

Vettel has won four World Championships in his career. His first Championship victory came in 2010 – as he was also the youngest Championship winner (23 years and 134 days).

  • Unique idols

Vettel certainly had unique role models in his early life, which may have led him to have a unique perspective in his adult life. He looked up to three Michaels: Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson.

  • Karting legend

Vettel began karting at the ripe age of 3 and eventually started the karts series at age 8. He even proceeded to win the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001.

  • Cars 2

Vettel’s openness could also be reflected in Cars 2 — which is the sequel to the underrated Cars movie. Vettel performs the voice of Sebastian Schnell in the film.

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