Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves were in attendance at the British GP

Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves have a strong passion for F1

By: Jake Rajala

The Top Gun legend, Tom Cruise (who just turned 60 years old on July 3rd), brought a lot of energy to the British GP this past weekend. He picked the legendary British GP (which has a rich history) to celebrate his 60th birthday. In particular, Cruise wanted to have a lively weekend with none other than Lewis Hamilton (as they could be seen hugging after Hamilton’s impressive third-place finish).

Cruise has been an intense fan of F1 for quite some time. Red Bull even offered him a ride and he happily accepted. David Coulthard gave him a few pointers, as well. In Dinoco-like fashion, he also took a ride in their helicopter. It should be noted that the fictional pilot and super-hero wasn’t the only A-list actor at the British GP.

Keanu Reeves, also known as John Wick or the hero in the Matrix, was also a spectator at the racing event. Although, Reeves had a bit of business on his mind at the race. The actor that recently made the Top 100 list of Time is currently working on documentaries about the 2009 F1 season. With that said, it was obvious that he enjoyed the experience and mystical weather conditions. Per Sky Sports, he stated, “It was absolutely amazing to be that close. Silverstone and rain, Perfect. I think being that close to it, just seeing the speed and the way that they’re going at the turns and exiting the turns is something unbelievable”.

There have been countless celebrities at Formula 1 events. People like George Lucas (the mind behind Star Wars) and Leonard DiCaprio (actor in Titanic and the Aviator) have expressed their love for F1. It’s safe to say that Cruise and Reeves can be added to the list of Hollywood personas that have hung out with F1 teams. It will be exciting to see which celebrities have a blast at an F1 event next.

Reliving the first British GP race

What happened in the first British GP race?

By: Leona Stewart

Home of Formula 1. Silverstone. A fixture on the season calendar and a fan favourite, Silverstone always provides an exciting race. 

Making its way onto the calendar in 1950, holding the opening round of modern Formula 1. May saw 21 drivers from across nine countries race it out in front of 200,000 spectators, including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The first (and only) time a reigning sovereign had attended an F1 race. Princess Margaret and Lord and Lady Mountbatten were also in attendance.

Silverstone was in fact the first World Championship Formula 1 race ever held, and for that reason it was known as the Grand Prix d’Europe, which was the first time the title had gone to a race outside of Italy or France. 

The first race at Silverstone did not even begin the same way as it does now. The tough right-hander of Woodcote was the first corner of the race – you and I know it as the final turn of the race. 

The grid of 21 drivers, who ranged from 29 years old to 53, would then take on Copse, Maggots, Becketts, Chapel, Stowe and Club before the final turn of Abbey, where the pitlane and starting grid – which was 4-3-4 formation – lay between Woodcote and Abbey. 

Alfa Romeo went on to win the race, with their driver Giuseppe Farina claiming the win for the team, who had three of their four cars finish the race. 

The grid itself was interesting. With drivers ranging into their fifties, to Swiss royalty and Jazz singers, Silverstone brought it all. We even saw racing legend Stirling Moss, who went on to win at Silverstone in 1955 and 1957, race at the 500cc support races, where he came second.

Being the first of its kind, the first F1 race was fascinating for fans. Silverstone has always been held close in the heart of British racers and will continue to be a staple in the history of F1. 

5 celebrities that love F1 racing

World celebrities that love F1 racing

By: Jake Rajala

The Formula 1 racing world is only growing in the year 2022. There are many well-reputable people in this world that are doing their part in helping the world sport become more recognizable and popular. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine five fascinating celebrities that certainly adore F1 racing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is a huge fan of F1 racing and he has expressed quite a bit of passion for Lewis Hamilton. He recently backed his “Neat Burger Project”. Interestingly, Hamilton’s competitor in Max Verstappen is in love with the actor in Titanic. Verstappen half-seriously wants DiCaprio to play him in a movie about his rivalry with Hamilton.

George Lucas

Mr. Star Wars himself is a mega-fan of F1 racing. Per The Spun, he has been to the Austrian, American, British, and Monaco circuits over the years. Prior to creating Star Wars and being recognized as a genius along with the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Lucas was in most awe of the racing world.

Owen Wilson

It’s time to get your kicks on route 66. Owen Wilson, who played Lightning McQueen in Cars, has closely followed F1 and his buddy Lewis Hamilton. Back in 2017, Wilson notably asked Hamilton if he was going to win the Championship. Hamilton will most likely not win the Championship in 2022, but his friend will certainly be rooting him on this season.

Will Smith

After the Oscar incident with Will Smith, I still believe Smith is an incredibly passionate individual. He’s also a very big F1 fan – if that wasn’t obvious. He was hanging out at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2018. I hope Smith returns to another race and I hope Hamilton is un-retired to share another selfie.


It would be hard to leave Rihanna off this list. The global icon and unmatched singer dated Lewis Hamilton from 2007 until 2015. Similar to Will Smith at the GP in Abu Dhabi GP, Rihanna sang and expressed her voice to the F1 crowd on the scene.

Lewis Hamilton is a symbol for change

Hamilton is a gifted driver and human being

By: Leona Stewart

As one of the greatest racers of all time, to the best of his era, Sir Lewis Hamilton’s influence in the motorsport world is incomparable

From breaking almost every record in the book to being the first black racing driver in history, and of course, being the poster boy for Formula 1, there is no doubt that the Brit is a true champion.Β 

While having over 100 race wins, and seven world championships to his name, matching that of Michael Schumacher, should be enough to make a career last a lifetime, Hamilton has made himself not only a hugely successful sportsperson but a global figure for equality.Β 

For years Formula 1 has stayed out of politics. As a sport that is dominated by rich white males, it lacks diversity, even in 2022. No women on the grid, almost all drivers come from a wealthy backgrounds – there are few minorities represented in the paddock. But Lewis Hamilton provides a voice for the silenced.Β 

In the wake of the 2020 Covid pandemic, where we saw the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor hit the news, Lewis Hamilton had no hesitation in making sure his support was shown both on and off the grid. Providing the paddock with β€˜END RACISM’ shirts and leading the way in taking the knee amongst the drivers, Hamilton broke his silence on inequality and from there his voice got louder.Β 

He funded a successful investigation into the lack of diversity in motorsport which sparked well-needed conversations within the field.Β 

Alongside Hamilton’s voice, we heard four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel. The pair, once rivals, now fighting for joint causes have gone on to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and women’s rights.Β 

Both drivers have continually spoken against what they do not believe in, no matter where they are. Prior to last year’s race in Hungary, Hamilton expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community after the country passed a law allowing preventing any content on homosexuality or gender reassignment to be shown to those under 18 in schools.

Vettel sported rainbow shoes, mask, and t-shirts in support of gay pride, which he was reprimanded for wearing during the national anthem, to which he responded by saying he did not care. While Hamilton wore a rainbow helmet to show his support.

While to us these may seem like such small symbols, to see someone who you respect speak out about these issues where you cannot is the support that many minorities need.

While it is no secret that there is misogyny in the motorsport world, there is gradual change coming. In 2021 the Vettel created an all-female karting event for women in Saudi Arabia, where until 2018 women could not drive. Both drivers have expressed how uncomfortable racing in oppressing countries makes them.

Before its removal from the 2022 line-up, both Hamilton and Vettel made it clear that they did not wish to race in Russia, due to its ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with Vettel saying: β€œI should not go, I will not go. I think it’s wrong”. The race has since been canceled, and Russian driver Nikita Mazepin no longer races in F1.

Two esteemed world champions have brought Formula 1 into the modern world in a way that we must encourage. It is a privilege to be able to separate sports from politics and is not something many can enjoy. Perhaps seeing more of these millionaire drivers standing alongside Sir Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel would not only create more diversity in the sport but allow it to be safe and create the difference it has the potential to make.Β 

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