Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady’s friendship

By: Mikey McGuire

Miami brought out all the stars this weekend. With star athletes like David Beckham and the Williams sisters, as well as movie stars and musicians. There was plenty of star power to help spread the good world about Formula One. A lot of these stars were also able to interact with the drivers, before the running started Pierre Gasly was able to sit down for dinner with basketball legend Michael Jordan and Lewis Hamilton was able to play a round of golf with Tom Brady. 

Lewis and Tom have long been friends, sometimes interacting over social media. So when both seven times champions in their respective sports got together this weekend it was a welcome sight. In an interview with CNN both athletes expressed their admiration for each other and their work ethics, discussing their mindsets when their backs are against the wall and they are fighting for a win, the 2016 Super Bowl was used as an example. This allowed us to look into the thought process of two of the most successful sportsmen of all time.

With both men reaching the twilight of their careers it isn’t known what is next for certain. Tom Brady just signed a massive broadcasting deal with fox sports to broadcast once his career on the field is over, but Lewis’s future isn’t so clear. His contract with Mercedes’ ends at the end of this year and there aren’t any concrete talks in place to renew. Perhaps Lewis will take after his friend Tom and go into broadcasting, but know one knows but the man himself. 

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